The Rescue Liparis

During one of my trekking, there was a fallen branch in the middle of the rainforest. I assumed it was a very old tree as the branch was thick, moss-covered and on top of it, perched a very badly damaged orchid.

I took the orchid home to nurse it back to health, and only after a year, it started showing signs of recovery and growth. And somewhere in early October, it started to send out a flower stalk.


Could hardly identify the plant initially.



Close up of the flower stalk – at this point, I couldn’t tell what colour this bloom will be..


And we waited patiently for the longest time as the stalk grew longer and longer.. And finally blooming to a beautiful orange and red flower. That were tiny and delicate, more than 100 of them hanging on a stalk. Giving off a faint sweet scent.





I guess what faint scent it might have been to me, was intoxicating to the critters in my garden, as within a day, half the flower petals were eaten up!


Liparis lacerata

A beauty in an unlikely place.

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