A Tiger In My Garden

An orchid is only as beautiful as it’s flower. But when you obtain an orchid of unknown species, it is exciting to groom it from a young plant, into a mature plant and reward you with beautiful flowers.

This was a random orchid bought from the morning market. Bare root, tossed in a corner.

I brought it back, mounted it on a tree fern bark with some dried sphagnum, water it religiously and placed it at partial sun.

Roots were healthy and green.

Months have passed.. And finally the old flower stalk started to show signs of growth. To my surprise, it was a bud!



The bud grew plumper and developed a brown stripe appearance

The bud took about 10 days, to transform into a spectacular flower, the Tiger Orchid. Bright yellow flowers, with distinctive tiger stripes across the petals. A sweet smell that the butterflies ands bees love.

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var pantherina

(made a mistake earlier by calling it a Phal. pantherina.. thanks to tutisuranto for pointing it out! =p)

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