Violet the Violacea

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful Phalaenopsis Violacea specimen. She had a great root system, great green lush leaves, and had never stop giving out flowers for 5 months. And the fragrance… oh the sweet scent of the phalaenopsis violacea is like candy. Filling the air with a beautiful smell, attracting loads of bees that hover around it.



Look at her.. with her beautiful shiny green leaves and bright purple


This is her neighbour.. Another Phal. violecea, that had an old bloom, probably about 10-14 days old, fading out a little.


One day, out of the blue. When I was getting ready for work, went to visit my plants, and I noted Violet have most of the leaves brown.. And trust me when I say I look at my plants every single day, and there was none of this before. The leaves were brown, some were soft and moist.



The horror!!! It was brown rot!! I had no choice but to aggresively cut down most of the leaves to prevent spreading. As you can see, it was already very close to the crown. So i couldn’t spare to delay.


Over the next few days, closely monitoring it, and placing it far from the other orchids. So far, it is still fine. But I hope the infection did not spread into the crown and stem and cause the plant to die.  Day by day I removed more leaves until 1 was left.. sigh~


Cutting the leaves revealed a small bee’s hive being constructed at the underside of one of her leaves. So sorry I had to destroy your home.


Be strong Violet… Just when she was about to give out a very rare triple bloom!

*will update the progress of the plant here.. so keep in touch!

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