Patience, young Obi Wan Enobi~

The Dendrobium Enobi ‘Purple Splash’ is a common dendrobium that is a great addition to any orchid collector. Even more so if you have limited space. As the orchid is small as compared to the other towering dendrobiums. Growing to only 15-20cm tall, this dendrobium will readily flower given the right condition.


My little dendrobium, Obi Wan Enobi (get it?), sits in the middle of the garden, under a netting. So it gets sun light all day long, but slightly filtered. Watered frequently on hot days, and on cooler days – once a week.


A new shoot, that is barely 3 month old, already spiking.


The spike could be about 15-20cm long, with 4-6 flowers. And the mature bulbs even have 2-3 spikes.

After about 3 weeks of budding. And voila.. A beautiful Purple Splash.. ( I do not know why the flower is not upright.) It is quite obvious where it got its name from. This is one of my youngest dendrobium but also the most vigorous and fastest to flower. My other dendrobiums have yet to produce any..

Close up of the beautiful soft petals, white with a deep purple splash stain on the peripheries. I’m sorry you have to turn your head for the perfect view of it.

So patience my young one.. You will be a beautiful flower one day!

Dendrobium Enobi ‘Purple Splash’


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