Diana The Resilient Venus Fly Trap. 

I bought a venus fly trap from a vendor that looked like he did not know much about caring for carnivorous plant. There his VFT sat, in sand and soil, with some fertilizer pellets. Looking dry as bone.

Wanting to add this unique flower to my collection, i bought it back and repotted it in chopped sphagnum and perlite.

For some time, the plant doesn’t show sign that it might bounce back from the stress. The only good news was, it stayed green.
Setting it on the window sill, watering it distilled water, and giving it lots of love.

For the next few months, all it gave was tiny traps, about half a centimetre traps. And at this point, we started to hand feed small insects such as mosquitos and tiny flies. The traps used to close very slowly.

As time went by, the plant got stronger, and sent out larger and larger traps, and today, it has huge beautiful 3cm sized traps, with a beautiful red centre.
It even sent out a flower stalk – which i did not remove to allow it to go throught his natural process.

Didn’t manage to pollinate the flowers.. So allowed it naturally wilt.

Diana is a vicious beauty, no fly, grasshopper, spider and even bee is safe. She gobbles all of them up.
So proud of how far you’ve come lil D!

Dionaea muscipula.

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