Till-da Swinton – The Mother of Seven. 

I have always been fascinated by Tillandsias (air plants), native to central and South America. Tillandsias or Tills for short is an epiphytic plant, that grows high up on canopies, perched there to get diffused sunlight, moisture and nutrients.

Being in Asia, means all our tills originated far far away, and with no naturally occuring species (pineapple being the closest relative), tills make an interesting head turner when they hit our market.

Care for them is simple.. with tonnes of way to decorate with them (to be showcased in the future). Just hang them or placed them anywhere, and spray or soaked them periodically.

My Tillandsia Ionantha started out as a tiny lil fella, about a 3-4cm, which i found very cute.. bright green leaves with little hairs (trichome) on them.

I initially kept them all indoors, as part of the indoors decor – urban jungle if you may. And the plant survived. But did not thrive.

It was not until I’ve decided to put the tillandsias outdoor as part of the outdoor display, that it started growing very nicely. Partial sun, frequent misting. Here it is perched on a driftwood with my phalaenopsis.

It started producing pups.. first batch was several months ago, where it produced several offset/ pups. Was terribly be excited about them pups, and divided them from the mother plant.

And currently, the mother plant (named Till-da Swinton, for pun reasons), had decided to produced even more babies. Head count 4.

From left to right: 6month old pup, 2 month old pup, and Till-da with 4 more pups. There’s another one not in pic, which made the total head count to be 7.

Mother and son portrait.

Have fun growing into a beautiful Tilly!

Tillandsia Ionantha

2 thoughts on “Till-da Swinton – The Mother of Seven. 

  1. Funny I saw this post, I took my boss to a nursery last week and commented I found air plants a bit disturbing. Haha! Plants should need dirt! They are lovely however. We did end up going home with a red bromeliad and I’ve laid claim to the care of and inheritance of any and all pups, I can’t wait! 😀


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