Pitch-er Perfect: Nepenthes Gracilis. 

Nepenthes gracilis or the slender pitcher plant, is perhaps one of the most common naturally occuring nepenthes. And because it is so common, it has many variations and forms and also many naturally occurring hybrids.

Just look at the beautiful markings. pale green with dark red speckles, a narrow light green periostome. Vigorous growers in many variations of environment – I keep mine in almost about 20% shade, to give it plenty of day light sun, for the pitchers to have maximum potential and beautiful markings.

This is another specimen of the beautiful Nepenthes gracilis. Small in size, only about 4-5cm, deep dark red body, with a green periostome. The inside is marked with speckles. The younger pitchers have more contrasting green and red.

(Ignore the dead saracenia at the back)

This one is absolutely lovely, if any of you would like a cutting, do let me know!

Another variation of N. gracilis – unopened pitcher.. But what will it be?

N. Gracilis squat. This short stubby pitcher is adorable. Still holding on to the thin periostome, but it has taken a chubbier form. Looking good under the sun.

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