A Furry Buddy – Tillandsia Caput Medusae

Tillandsia caput medusae got it’s name from the legendary Gorgon, Medusa – the Greek mythology serpent haired demon. As magical as she was in the legend, she was also beautiful in nature. Many plants and animals have been named after the Gorgon.

And this beauty, Tillandsia Caput-Medusae is one of them.

Thick bulbous body, with thick curly leaves. Covered with fine white hair (trichome) that helps airplants such as these, to collect moisture from around them. Perfectly adapted to absorb fluid out of air, and storing them in their thick succulent leaves. Making these beautiful plant, low maintenance and fuss free. Even the worse of gardeners should keep this quirky plants alive.

Here’s a diagram of how the trichome works.



Tillandsia have since taken over the world of indoor plants to a whole new playing field, each more creative than the rest with their decoration ideas.

Close up of the bulbous body. Can you appreciate the white fuzzy hairs?

This peculiar plants adds a beautiful accent wherever you put them.

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