Pitcher-Perfect: Nepenthes Ampullaria

Nepenthes ampullaria – or the flask pitcher (ampulla = flask), is a common pitcher found in Asia, from Borneo, Singapore to Peninsula Malaysia. There are many pitcher plants, but this one is one of the most distinctive. Round, smooth pitchers, with a inward curving periostome, paired with a small thin cap.

It does appear in a variety of colours, from the striking lime green – coined ‘Bau Green’ variety to the speckled type. Some have even evolved to take on a red form.

Nepenthes ampullaria have evolved to adapt with its environment, unlike their carnivory cousins, this plant have converted into omnivores, mainly collecting leaf litters to be converted into nitrogen. Which is perfect, as they are usually low growing, and sits below the rainforest canopy.

Nepenthes ampullaria have also evolved to be unique, in the sense that it is the only nepenthes to form panicles (rosette pitchers) as above. Tight clusters of pitchers, with minimal leaf. Giving the appearance as if the plant is nothing but pitchers. Absolutely a wonder!

Another common variety – Also a Nepenthe ampullaria but this one is speckled with purple blotches.

Close up of a sinlge pitcher. Note the smooth pitcher shape, with well foremed wings. One of my all time favourite pitcher.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the rarer varieties such as these below.



So if you have any of these, do donate it to me!! PRETTY PLEASE!

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