The Fascinating Orchid

The fascinator orchid, Bulbophyllum Fascinator, is a work of art.


Named after intricate head-piece, fascinators that aristocratss wear for royal events, it is no wonder why this majestic flower, is named so.

The flower bud starts out at the base of a bulb, little bright green nub, with a pointy end.

Overtime, it grow into its more recognisable shape and coloration. As you can see, the lower lip (labellum) have continue to grow dramatically. It is also taking on a deep marroon shade.

And here it is. Finally opened. A full bloom of a bulbophyllum Fascinator will keep everyone in awe. The beautiful maroon coloration, with fringed wings. A deep purple center lip that bobs up and down in the wind. And the intensely long tail – mine was measuring 12cm. Absolutely precious!

This flower is unscented, but I guess you can’t have it all.

A warmth-loving plant, that does well, under some shade. Robust grower once established, sending out tonnes of flower stalks and new pseudobulbs. One of my favourite bulbophyllum.

What do you think about it?


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