Dirty Little Guide: Propagating Venus Fly Trap


When your venus fly traps get a little too crowded for your pot, and start to have multiple growing points as above, it is time to repot your VFT. This is Diana, as previously blogged about. Diana have been growing in this pot for the past 7 months, and growing very quickly to fill it.





First thing you need:

  1. Extra pots – plastic pots retain more moisture
  2.  Spagnum moss – i only have the dried one, but you can use live ones if you can get your hands on them
  3.  Pearlite
  4.  Peat moss


Gently remove your VFT from its pot, by tugging and compressing the pot. VFT roots are very fragile, and most of it would have broke during this process.


Remove all the peat and moss from the root to expose the white coloured bulb of the plant. This white part is the most important part for a successful propagation.


I’m not going to do a leaf pulling as I do not plan to have too many plantlets now. I just want to reduce the plant bulk per pot. So I intend to get 2 plants. Hold the plant firmly, close to the base, and gently pull them apart.


Try to get them to divide from the white portion.



You will get 2 chunks of plant, with a lot of rhizome. This will ensure it’s success in continuing to grow.


Some of the leaf may fall off as individuals – and this is the same result as leaf pullings.



The division gave an extra 3 leaves – which are great for propagating as you can see the chunk of rhizome down there.


I prop them the same way I would an adult plant – Spagnum, peat and pearlite. Put the white part in partially and cover with some media. Put it in a warm location, sitting on a tray of fresh water. And fingers crossed – after several weeks, this would be a new VFT.



As for the other 2. Now we got 2 plants – that are not over crowded and will continue to grow.


Grow well D, stay tune for updates on both the plants and leaf pullings!

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