Pither-perfect: Nepenthes Mirabilis

Nepenthes Mirabilis – or the Wonderful pitcher plant, is beautiful and striking specimen of nepenthes and also one of the most common and widespread pitcher. Being so widespread, it is also a good thing as it is still flourishing in nature and not facing extinction like the many other pitcher plants.

The mirabilis, is easy to identify as it forms long pitchers, with a prominent girdle midway along the body of the pitcher, and also a wide and flattened periostome. It comes in a variety of colour, but most commonly, green, yellow with specks of red,

I have a thriving Green Nepenthes Mirabilis – that is a very robust plant, producing large pitchers and many off sets. And the beautiful green pitchers are so strikingly beautiful!

I also have this unique form – Nepenthes Mirabilis ‘ Hot Lips’, which as you can see, has a beautiful red hue along the periostome. This one is also a beautiful addition to any garden.

Known as the common swamp pitcher, Nepenthes mirabilis can be commonly found in many lowland, peat or swamp forest. The grow in huge clusters.

Look at the size of that pitcher and that amazing bright green colour!!

It is no wonder why this is indeed, the Wonderful Pitcher.

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