Belle the Phalaenopsis Bellina

One of my favourite orchid species of all time is the Phalaenopsis Bellina, A beautiful plant, slow grower but the reward is absolutely breath taking.

A species endemic to Borneo, also the official flower of Sarawak, the Normah Orkid.

This is Belle, my Bellina.

I’ve been caring for this plant for almost 2 years, and it was only giving out leaves like 2-3 per year. But it was surviving, until it gave a beautiful flower stalk. Such a nice surprise.

Look at it! So exciting to wait!

A few days just before it blooms, the bud swells up really nice.


Boom! There you have it, the pale irridescent yellow, with the brightest magenta. It also has an amazing fragrance that filled the entire garden, some even nick named it the fruit-loop orchid.


The smell was so intoxicating that, a whole swarm of bees came to visit it! They didn’t do this for the other flowers.

Grow well Belle!

Phalaenopsis Bellina


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