A Beautiful Surprise – Bulbophyllum Medusae

I acquired this really beautiful specimen of Bulbo. medusae, and it has been growing very very well under my care. Some time ago, I noticed that it has this new shoot like growth from all over the plant. Counting them was exciting for there was almost 10 of them!


Having this plant for the first time, I was convinced it was a new bulb shoot, and was more than happy to give it more love to let the plant grow even bigger!


And as it grew, I realised it does not resemble a typical bulbo leaf shape.. Hmmm What could it be?



Then it started to reveal itself.. Becoming more tense and pale.. It was actually a flower bud!!!



I monitored it closely.. As it starts to reveal itself.




Slowly but surely.. It unveils into a bigger and more complicated structure. Revealing lots of pale white petals.





And finally…



The absolute beauty of Bulbophyllum medusae, named for obvious reasons. Multiple compact tiny flowers with long petals, with a bright yellow centre. Lightly scented, and attracts alot of attention!!



I could stare at this majestic beauty forever!


Can’t wait for it to bloom all over again!!



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