Keeping It DLF (Episode 1)

Keeping It DLF is a play on Keeping It DL (down low), but extended to DLF as in Dirty Little Fingers, Here we share some not so success stories of our plant growing experience. Feel free to share your thoughts on how to improve, revive or just trash us. Enjoy!


If you have kept enough orchid you will know, sometimes even with the most love poured into it, the plant still die. Sometimes due to too much love.


(stock photo image: The supposed flower of this plant)

I got a very big plant of brown and white oncidiums, which looks pretty good when I initially bought it. But over time, It did not show any signs of growth, it didn’t flower, and the roots started to shriveled, I honestly did not know where I went wrong with this one. It was a well established plant, on some charcoal, rocks and bark, growing in partial sun, receiving water and feeds like my other oncidiums, but this one kept deteriorating. To  a point that it looks like it is terminal.


Look at it. Lifeless, sad wilting leaves.

But being me, I continued to water it, arranging the rocks to provide more air to the roots and system. Just about to toss it out of the pot, i took a closer look!


From the dying mother plant, it has offshoots!


Not just a few, I counted at least 10 different offshoots!! Hmmm… So did it deteriorate because it was producing keikis (baby)? Or it WAS dying, but the continued care gave it one last push to produce some offshoots?


Well. Stay tuned! See you on the next episode of Keeping It DLF!


Coming Up Next: Do you remember Violet the Violacea? The Phalaenopsis violacea that suffered a very bad brown rot?


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