Paphiopedilum Stonei

This beauty have been all leaves and minimal growth for the past year and a half. At some point, I thought it was dying as there were no new growth for months.

Sort of neglected it, other than the usual morning watering and fortnightly feeding. Until during one of the surveillance day, I saw something out of the ordinary. I’m no paphiopedilum (slipper orchid) expert, So I thought I’d better just observe.

Slowly but surely.. A ‘non-leaf’ thingy was formed. Hmmm What could it be?

As the day went on, I was certain this could be my very first Paphiopedilum bloom. Super excited. Please continue scrolling to see all the blooming process. I hope you like it.

Tadaa! The extraordinary beauty of a Paphiopedilum Stoneii. I hope you guys enjoy my lil blog. Do follow me on instagram: dirtylittlefingers And drop me a comment below to make me feel loved. =)


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